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Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dear Hannah: #FlipIt

Dear Hannah,

Tune in to signal in a sea of noise ...

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race matters
face(book) chatters
TV spatters
grace scatters

facts disputed
reason muted
minds polluted
hate rebooted

no time to waste
on knee-jerk haste
and cut-and-paste
- focus misplaced

this crisis state
and sub-par slate
and unmoved freight
says we can't wait

a quest for peace
through angst release
provides a crease
for noise to cease

another key piece
we must police
is shedding "eye fleece"
... feel me (capisce)?

systems unpacked
by data extract
yield info exact
and plans that impact

... and questions chased
with knowledge based
on ideas traced
produce actions paced.



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dear Hannah: #MasterPlan

Dear Hannah,

Stick to the #MasterPlan - even when current events make it feel like the world is out of control.

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today may seem bleak
yesterday seemed bleaker

be slow to speak
check first the speaker

payback sounds chic
to forgive is "chic-er"

meek ain't weak
might is weaker

wrong is strong
love is stronger

war is long
peace lasts longer

stay the course
finish it well

what that resembles
time will tell

seek small solutions
rinse and repeat

don't think with your eyes
don't vote with your tweet

revolutions aren't televised
nor broadcast online

instead they occur
in both heart and spine

of maybe two or three
who touch and agree

then hatch up a plan
they can work faithfully

with no fanfare nor buzz
just concrete small steps

well-disguised as work
done in efficient reps



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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