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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The BIG Picture: Commencement (Shortest.Graduation.Speech.EVER.)

Buy This Poster (Hard Copy - 18" x 24" on glossy or satin paper):

1.     Equality requires both opportunity and circumstance.
2.     Education begins when you finish school.
3.     Education requires learning, unlearning, and relearning.
4.     You must protect time and family.
5.     Faith protects your beliefs from doubt.
6.     Purpose is more important than ambition.
7.     Creativity is more important than knowledge.
8.     Freedom of speech means come correct.
9.     Value listening much more than speaking.
10.    Learn to tell your own story.
11.    Influence your circle, then expand it.
12.    Sometimes "let go"; sometimes "let know".
13.    Civil discourse between dissenters promotes growth.
14.    Sometimes the cause masks the agenda.
15.    Sometimes our causes mask our issues.
16.    You must get your money right.
17.    All money is not good money.
18.    Truth tellers often encounter great resistance.
19.    Real friends will hold you accountable.
20.    Count all the costs of victory.
21.    Winners first conquer conceit, then defeat.
22.    Everything we measure does not count.
23.    Everything that counts cannot be measured.
24.    Angry roots produce many bitter fruits.
25.    Healed roots produce much better fruits.
26.    Do not mistake activity for achievement.
27.    Simple approaches are easily replicated.
28.    Real power is work done efficiently.
29.    Success results when preparation meets opportunity.
30.    Opportunities are often disguised as work.
31.    Tradition begins and ends with change.

About Derrick Brown (KnowledgeBase's Principal Consultant)

I am Keisha's husband, and Hannah's father.

My *other* passion is empowering people via methods that balance skill & will, analysis & synthesis, ideas & execution, and activity & achievement.

I am the product of my mentoring relationships, peacemaking (and peacekeeping), and problem-solving ability.

I am a publisher, filmmaker, executive coach & registered mediator with engineering degrees from Clemson and Georgia Tech.

My education began when I finished school.

After school, I enrolled in a lifelong curriculum that includes the following classes ...

  • ministry (serving people)
  • entrepreneurship (developing solutions that serve people)
  • stewardship (taking care of relationships, possessions, talents, body, mind, and time) 
  • literacy (reading & writing skills)
  • numeracy (math skills)
  • language (communication skills)
  • self-expression (sharing "who you are")
  • self-identity (knowing "who you are")
  • analysis & synthesis (solving problems & sharing solutions)

KnowledgeBase is a ministry that has evolved from wisdom earned through lessons learned.

I want to share this wisdom to build teams of "triple threat" fellows - mentors, mediators, and problem solvers.

Copyright © 2014 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

The BIG Picture: Johnny (Reach.Then.Teach)

Buy This Poster (Hard Copy - 18" x 24" on glossy or satin paper):

Why oh why can't Johnny READ?
Probably because the brother's name is Khalid
Yet the majority of so-called experts agreed
On the cultural ideas they would force-feed

Why oh why can't Johnny WRITE?
'Cause instead of him creating he just has to recite
We offer him a perspective that he finds quite trite
Then have the gall to try to label him as "not too bright"

Why oh why can't Johnny do MATH?
Might it be that he fails to see the relevance of its path
He'll tell you that he's tried to get it, but that not yet he hath
Its oddities sometimes confuse and ultimately draw his wrath

Why oh why can't Johnny LEAD?
'Cause we've instilled in him a false way to succeed
Servitude and loving take back seats to greed
Destiny and purpose are supplanted by need

Why oh why can't Johnny CREATE?
Perhaps it's because the boy just can't relate
To the stark & cold reality that continues to await
Solutions to the problems of our existing state

Why oh why can't Johnny THINK?
Maybe we've not yet shown him the missing link
Between ideas and paper and that pen of ink
That leads the horse to water, and also helps him drink

Copyright © 2014 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

The BIG Picture: U Can't C Me (Ode To The Invisible)

Buy This Poster (Hard Copy - 18" x 24" on glossy or satin paper):

My life is but an instrument
Singing songs in many keys
Wisdom earned through lessons learned
From mistakes of several degrees

Do not mistake activity for achievement
Arriving on time means you're late
To be on time arrive early
Fall seven times - get up eight

One time is an accident
Two times is a trend
Three times might be a problem
But forgiveness is your friend

The race is not to the swift
But to the ones who maintain
So stay aligned on your grind
And stay in your own lane

Keep it slow and steady
That's it - nice and smoove
Always do your homework
Believe that God will approve

Every moment matters
You had better realize
Then you can quickly respond
To opportunities that you recognize

Don't despise the small tasks
Pursue them diligently
For passion and purpose are discovered
Through acts of ministry

Keep a pad and paper
And a nearby pen of ink
Write your visions plainly
Make time to pray and think

Don't believe the hype
Avoid the glittery and bejeweled
When we think with our eyes
We are often easily fooled

All money ain't good money
Sometimes less is more
Make a living through your giving
Learn to turn two into four

Your fear is your only courage
Be scared to disobey
Be scared to rock that boat
But sometimes rock it anyway

Know how to keep your quiet
Until it's time to say
If your heart ain't feelin' right
Then say it another day

Freedom of speech
Means come correct
Be quick to listen
Be quicker to respect

Be slow to speak
Even slower to get twisted
Meek ain't weak
Self-control beats double-fisted

The only thing to know
Is that you don't know squat
Nobody cares what you know
If they think you care not

So pick your spot
Practice - don't preach
When the student is ready
The teacher will teach

If faced with a fool
Proverbs 26 - verses 5 and 4
Sometimes you can let it go
Sometimes you gotta let em know

Train your child with loving instruction
Encourage growth, but discourage rambunction
Know you are equal in essence
But very different in function

No good deed goes unrewarded
But the payoff is seldom immediate
Dreams manifest at God's appointed time
Though it tarries, wait for it

Copyright © 2014 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

The BIG Picture: Stand Your Ground

Buy This Poster (Hard Copy - 18" x 24" on glossy or satin paper):

As I lay me down to sleep
I kiss my wife and ponder deep

I wonder why, and that's OK 
Answers tomorrow are questions today 

Then I kneel and start to pray
Ask the Lord to have His way
Stay focused on a future day
Hope to keep all harm at bay

So my baby girl can play
Jump on me, yell "Daddy, yay!"
Play piano, dance ballet

Tell her about our wedding day
How to wait for her fiance'
Relationships begin with "hey"
Then take their course - la vie c'est

Do her work for more than pay
Know when to go, and when to stay

Correct her course if she should stray
See that this world is often cray

The brave are scared to disobey
But sometimes do it anyway
The fools rush in, the wise survey
Think twice, act once - avoid the fray

Accountable talk never starts with "they"
Power is more than being able to sway

Then I reach "amen" and rise again
Ready to embark, engage and win

Eyes wide shut, but with open heart
The game ain't fair, so play it smart

The road ahead is still paved with LIFE
Our seed is growing inside my wife

She can change the world if I maintain
Stay on my grind, and in my lane



Copyright © 2014 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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