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Friday, December 4, 2015

The BIG Picture: What Makes Clemson Special?

Published at clemsonpaws.com (12/4/2015) ...

Great summary, Kraken. Your insights are making me a better football fan.

A few thoughts …

1. I am looking for big efforts from our North Carolina natives on Saturday (Hopper, Crowder, Thompson, V. Smith, Watkins, Fields).

2. Despite the recent injury, fatigue, and the internal / external “we’re #1” factors, this season (my 38th as a Tiger fan) is special.

Football analytics help us learn what might happen based on previous events. 

Faith, trust, knowledge, and will help us envision what might happen through our belief and inspiration.

Harnessing both provides power beyond measure.

3. Clemson has amassed physical talent that performs on par with today’s recognized powerhouses. Clemson’s real advantage, though, is belief and inspiration.

Deshaun Watson is a transcendent talent. However, I am most amazed and impressed by his calm confidence. It inspires me to believe he will make plays.

Dabo has become a media darling because of great sound bites (and not-so-great dance moves), but what sets him apart as a coach is his transparent enthusiasm, and his down-to-earth approach, and his positive perspective.

He knows that no matter what happens Saturday, Sunday will arrive right on time.

Y’all enjoy this Saturday and this season!

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