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Friday, May 25, 2018

Dear Hannah: changED (Volume 1) (The Album / Mixtape)

Dear Hannah,

Tradition begins and ends with change.

Everything must change - and STAY changED.

I hope the songs below help to show the path.



Derrick Brown & KnowledgeBase Present ...
"changED (Volume 1)"

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Title (Click Link For Lyrics)
Creating change requires a "real-time" battle plan that can GRASPP, evaluate, and adjust in the middle of a fight.
You can make a whole new song - that speaks to our present-day plight - out of song & movie titles from albums & CDs that you have "sitting in the crates".
"Spare me all these details, man ... just tell me what I need to know (about life)."
Sometimes the cause masks the agenda.

Sometimes the cause masks our issues.
We have to keep the 7 “mind molding” institutions (religion, medicine, government, arts & entertainment, media, education, and the family) honest, accountable, and true to the game by following the rules of self-control ...
Power is the ability to work efficiently - that is, via wise and skillful use of resources, interests, communication, and expertise.
Segments of our society are marginalized because of their knowledge.

They see and say an uncomfortable truth about how we sometimes get in our own way.
"Culture" and "tradition" are often misnomers for "this is how we do it, and it ain't changing."

Everything must change, though - and STAY changed.
Equality depends on opportunity AND circumstances.

Work to create both for people ...
The times, they are a changin' - but the challenges are still the same ...

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