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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Digital Content Catalog - October 19, 2010

PhotoMosaic (JPG) - The Big Picture (18" x 24") ($24.95)

PhotoMosaic (JPG) - Tech High Titans Logo (24" x 18") ($24.95)

PhotoMosaic (JPG) - Tech High School Crest (24" x 24") ($24.95)

Tabula Rasa - My First Volume of Poetry (PDF) ($19.95)

Now You Know History Quiz Bowl Posters (PDF) ($19.95)
Now You Know is a gameshow played in the tradition of "Jeopardy" that presents the exploits of extraordinary people in an inspiring, "edutaining" way. Volume I presents the exploits of 50 inspiring people as a book suitable for your coffee table.

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