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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Writing Your First Business Plan (Writing Project)

Download it at http://bit.ly/tpt_wyfbp!

Do you have a good idea, but just do not know how to start implementing it? Take the first step by writing a simple plan that helps you understand not just your vision, but the mission you must execute and the steps you must take to realize that vision. Understand how your experiences and insights have uniquely positioned you to build an enterprise that serves people and acquires resources.

There are 7 assignments in this class that you will use to produce a 3-5-page simple business plan and budget …

1. (Assignment 1) What is the concept?
2. (Assignment 2) What skills and qualities do I possess that will help me implement this concept?
a. What skills and qualities must I seek in my partners?
3. (Assignment 3, 4) How am I going to market this concept?
4. (Assignment 5) How much do I need to finance this concept, and how will I get that financing?
5. (Assignment 6) What do I need to learn, and what will I do first?
6. (Assignment 7) How do synthesize everything I learned in Assignments 1-6 to write my first business plan?

1 comment:

Meeri Huhtala said...

Those are very good question,writing your first business plan without any idea how to implement it such an bad move for me.Those question for me need to consider when your starting to go in business,without all those thing you can't say to your self that your prepared to battle in business.

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