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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Big Ideas About Reading & Writing: Using Six-Word "Stories" To Improve Writing Skills


Writing is organized thought.

The more students write, the more they think critically.

The more they think critically, the more they learn, create, lead, and solve problems.

To encourage their love of writing and their skill level (while maintaining their interest), try having them write six-word "stories" about topics of interest.

Collect your students' entries and display them as a powerful bulletin board!

A six-word contest on what it means to be a great teacher became my recent inspiration to catalyze civil discourse on education reform …...

  1. Awareness is as important as knowledge.
  2. Lifelong learners make the best teachers.
  3. Students love teachers who love them.
  4. Students learn from people they love.
  5. Teach students - not subjects and tests.
  6. Teaching diameter determined our knowledge circumference.
  7. All inputs and processes influence outcomes.
  8. Accountable adult relationships can improve schools.
  9. Creative problem solving trumps blame shifting.
  10. Civil discourse between dissenters promotes growth.
Check out this other inspired example:

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