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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Daymond John (ABC's "Shark Tank", FUBU founder) Lectures at Kennesaw State University

Daymond John's (ABC's "Shark Tank", FUBU founder)

Last night, I attended Daymond John's (ABC's "Shark Tank", FUBU founder) talk at KSU. Wow.

My "streams of consciousness" summary ...

1. Very straightforward, creative cat.

2. Lectured using a DJ who played the soundtrack of his life while he talked. Nice.

3. Embraced Hip-Hop as a culture (a way of life) when others criticized it as bad music, and ignored it as a market.

4. Heard "no" a lot, but interprets the word as "definitely maybe".

5. Original company name was BUFU - but that got him too much unwanted attention :-).

6. Despite his initial objection, his Mom made the move that helped attract the financing he needed to expand FUBU.

7. Built his successful brand FUBU by taking chances, correcting mistakes, hustling hard, and taking advantage of opportunities ...

        LL Cool J's Gap commercial (1999) (check the rhyme and the FUBU hat)

8. Lost his family on his road to success, but did not lose the lesson.

9. Loves The Kardashian Sisters. He knows that they know that they know nothing - except how to show people what people want to see.

10. Lives by SHARK rules ...

        Set goals
        H omework (do it)
        A mour (do what you love, and you will never work a day in your life)
        R emember that *you* are the brand, and state your brand in 2-5 words.
        K eep moving.

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Daymond John (FUBU founder, "Shark Tank") speaks at Kennesaw State University (3/28/2012)(by Rodney Ho, AJC)

1 comment:

Camille said...

How interesting! Thanks for the summary.

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