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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Big Ideas About Reading & Writing: Using Six-Word "Stories" To Improve Writing Skills (Part 2)


Last week, we shared the idea of having students write six-word "stories" about topics of interest to encourage their love of writing and their skill level - and how this type of writing project could make a powerful bulletin board display.

Another idea that demonstrates the power of this approach is the 150-word commencement speech - constructed of 25 six-word sentences!

Change The World (150-Word Commencement Speech)

1.       Faith protects your beliefs from doubt.
2.       Knowing and showing trump selling and telling.
3.       Write your vision plainly and purposefully.
4.       Value listening much more than speaking.
5.       Influence your circle, then expand it.
6.       Sometimes "let go"; sometimes "let know".
7.       Achieving your mission requires personal growth.
8.       Civil discourse between dissenters promotes growth.
9.       Love, power, and integrity trump fear.
10.   Skills trump wills and pay bills.
11.   Sometimes the cause masks the agenda.
12.   Sometimes our causes mask our issues.
13.   Ministry generates solutions, entrepreneurship, and wealth.
14.   You must get your money right.
15.   Truth tellers often encounter great resistance.
16.   No weapon against you shall prosper.
17.   Embrace affirmation, acceptance, accountability, and authority.
18.   True friends will hold you accountable.
19.   Make your mission your primary ally.
20.   Count all the costs of victory.
21.   You must protect time and family.
22.   Do not mistake activity for achievement.
23.   Creative problem solving trumps blame shifting.
24.   Simple approaches are easily replicated.
25.   Real power is work done efficiently.

Please share your thoughts on these "Big Ideas" and best practices by leaving comments below. Email us or follow us on Twitter @dbrowndbrown to submit your own "Big Ideas" and best practices!

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