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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Big Ideas About TEaCHING & Learning: 4 More Google Apps

Google Docs is an application that allows users to create and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with all school stakeholders (students, parents, faculty & staff, administration, board, and community).

Google Forms is an application that allows users to create forms (interactive documents that facilitate data collection). All data entered into the form is automatically entered into a downloadable spreadsheet!

Google Calendar is an application that facilitates the efficient managing and sharing of events.

Google Mail (GMail) is a multi-faceted communication tool.

Google Talk is a text, voice, and video chat application. When used wisely, it can facilitate powerful, positive communication between school stakeholders.

Google Sites is a service that allows you to build, publish, and to maintain Web sites.

Google Groups, Blogger, Google Moderator, and YouTube are advanced Google apps that provide additional powerful classroom resources. Let's explore how they can be used ...

  1. Google Groups. Use Google Groups to manage and to archive classroom, department, or schoolwide discussions!
  2. Blogger. A blog is an Internet-based log (or journal). This makes Blogger a great tool to manage day-to-day classroom activities. Deliver daily warmups, in-class assignments, and homework via your classroom blog!
  3. Google Moderator. Use Google Moderator to encourage students to reflect on their daily learning. Pose a question that synthesizes the day's discussion, then allow students to respond. Let them rate each other's responses!
  4. YouTube. Use YouTube to view approved videos, record classroom lectures for review, or allow students to post their own project videos!

To Learn More ...
  1. Google Apps in Classrooms and Schools: 32 Ways to Use Google Apps (Slide Presentation - 54 Slides)
  2. Google Apps in Classrooms and Schools: 32 Ways to Use Google Apps (Professional Development Webinar - 58 minutes, 52 seconds)
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