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Friday, December 5, 2014

Dear Hannah: Stand Your Ground (Remix)


Dear Hannah,

Sometimes things happen that upset us. We have to feel what we feel, take the time to heal, remember what is real, and keep moving forward ...

As I lay me down to sleep
I kiss my wife and ponder deep

I wonder why, and that's OK
Answers tomorrow are questions today

Then I kneel and start to pray
Ask the Lord to have His way
Stay focused on a future day
Hope to keep all harm at bay

So my baby girl can play
Jump on me, yell "Daddy, yay!"
Master piano, dance ballet

Tell her about our wedding day
How to wait for her fiance'
Relationships begin with "hey"
Then take their course - la vie c'est

Do her work for more than pay
Know when to go, and when to stay

Correct her course if she should stray
See that this world is still cray cray

The brave are scared to disobey
But sometimes do it anyway
The fools rush in, the wise survey
Think twice, act once - avoid the fray

Accountable talk never starts with "they"
Power is more than being able to sway

Then I reach "amen" and rise again
Ready to embark, engage and win

Eyes wide shut, but with open heart
The game ain't fair, so play it smart

The road ahead is still paved with LIFE
Despite all circumstance and strife

She can change the world if I maintain
Stay on my grind, and in my lane



Copyright © 2014 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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