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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Dear Hannah: The Identity Prayer


Dear Hannah,

The road to self-awareness and self-identity (who you are and how you are) is paved with pebbles, potholes, and progress.

They all help you grow - so keep moving - no matter what.

I am what my heart says
but my heart can deceive
so I guard it with care
'cause good sense can take leave.

I am what I think most
so my mind can assign
the ideas and attitudes
I view as bad or benign.

I am what I see
so my eyes stay wide shut
for they lead me astray
and even blind me somewhat.

I am what I say
and I say a whole lot
but try to listen more
'cause I don't know jack squat.

I am what I discern
and perceive by design
but read it wrong sometimes
thinking 8 and not 9.

I am what I feel
- good, bad, indifferent
the most severe wounds heal
peace can grow from dissent.

I am what I decide
- choices collaborate
to propel or hinder
- halt or accelerate.

I am what I do
- may my actions dictate
a life lived on purpose
showing love conquers hate.

I am what I eat
sometimes I eat too much
now this struggle is real
but it keeps me in touch.

I am what I desire
- may my "want" match my "need"
- may my good deeds exceed
my excesses and greed.



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