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Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Dear Hannah: The Times - They Are A Changin' (ChangED)

Dear Hannah,

The times, they are a changin' - but the challenges are still the same ...

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By Derrick Brown
November 2, 2016

history is weighted
tales articulated
collected and curated
then exaggerated

monuments created
"funny" funds donated
taxes abated
legacy inflated

monuments created
laws that dictated
no workers compensated
- rather complicated

issues are debated
vision dilated
focus kinda faded
trap has now been baited

equality's mis-stated
falsely equated
to chances allocated
culture change belated

prophets are berated
profits celebrated
attention is fixated
sports illustrated

we swear that we made it
past has been negated
once we have migrated
and the subdivision's gated

don't be aggravated
ticked or agitated
suckered twice and jaded
oppressed and degraded

for this time we've waited
table's set and plated
'cause we have been slated
to cash a check post-dated

destiny's not fated
- just slowly freighted
work ain't overrated
but kinda understated

is more than race-related
gifts must be located
voices elevated

documents collated
solutions animated
histories narrated
produced and circulated

dialogue serrated
makes everybody hated
common ground evaded
cut off and truncated

get that tongue sedated
fortress invaded
mindset rotated
thoughts navigated

work - it won't be graded
but evaluated
perhaps I should say "rated"
on how we advocated

and how we dedicated
and how we demonstrated
and how we meditated
and how we mediated

and how we tolerated
and how we captivated
and how we educated
and how we motivated

and how we estimated
and how we calculated
and how we infiltrated
and how we legislated

and who we activated
and who we conjugated
and who we irritated
and who cooperated

and who we syncopated
and who we fascinated
and who we insulated
who we appreciated.



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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