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Friday, January 27, 2017

Dear Hannah: Fight The Good Fight (Life & Opportunities)

Dear Hannah,

Life is a series of opportunities.

Here's how I approach life ...

    I listen, because I don't listen well.

    I am quiet, because I am not quiet.

    I observe, because I can't see.

    I know, because I know that I don't know.

    I speak like no one else is ever going to speak for me.

    I do like no one is ever going to do for me.
<continued below ...>

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<continued from above ...> 
Opportunities are always disguised as work.

    This work always involves details.

    This work always involves people.

    I respect and engage details, because I 
    have paid a dear price for ignoring and 
    disrespecting them.

        They show you what you cannot see.

        They help you learn *that* you do not know ....

        ... by showing you *what* you do not know.

    I also respect and engage people, 
    because I have paid a price for 
    ignoring and disrespecting them.

    I engage people by observing how they 
    view and handle details.

    People are quick to oversimplify and 
    minimize details.

    In doing so, they exaggerate their 
    own importance.

    They believe that someone else should 
    handle the details.

    In doing so, they marginalize and disrespect 
    that person's role and essence.

    They treat 'em like fractions.

    Like "3/5 of a person" fractions.

My approach to life and opportunities can lead to conflict when collaborating.

    When I co-labor, I demonstrate both my 
    commitment and expectations by 
    submitting to and engaging the 
    work's details.

    I engage according to my abilities 
    and the opportunity's requirements.
    My eyes observe the following - engaging 
    *details* that people think are "beneath 
    them" leads them to treat *me* like I am 
    beneath them.

    My spirit observes it differently
    - engaging *details* that people 
    think are "beyond them" leads them 
    to treat *me* like I am beyond them.

    Either way, this leads to the same mistreatment.

    It results in the same marginalization 
    and disrespect of me - and my important 

    I accept this as a clear, sober warning 
    that I need to choose co-laborers 

    Here's another sobering thought - I 
    have this experience often and 
    equally with Black and White people.




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