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Thursday, June 9, 2011

TPT KeyWord Strength Index (2010-2011) - Downloadable PDF ($1.95) and Spreadsheet ($3.95)!

PDF ($1.95): http://bitly.com/tbt_bi2
Spreadsheet ($3.95): http://bitly.com/tbt_bi1

What are the strongest keywords on TpT?

1. free downloads
2. Deanna Jump
3. math

Neither #1 nor #2 are surprises, but #3 (math) was certainly a surprise to me!

This report analyzes TpT's 2010-2011 keywords using a measure called "keyword strength".

The measure is based on a keyword's average rank, as well as the number of times it appeared in the 2010-2011 "Top 100" TpT search engine rankings.

This can be a valuable tool to help sellers understand TpT's marketplace supply and demand!

The PDF preview lists the top 20 keywords, while the PDF download provides the top 100 keywords.

A separate Excel spreadsheet download is also available. It allows alphabetical and numerical sorting, which can provide even more insight to TpT authors!

PDF ($1.95): http://bitly.com/tbt_bi2
Spreadsheet ($3.95): http://bitly.com/tbt_bi1

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