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Thursday, April 24, 2014

The BIG Picture: Commencement (Shortest.Graduation.Speech.EVER.)

Buy This Poster (Hard Copy - 18" x 24" on glossy or satin paper):

1.     Equality requires both opportunity and circumstance.
2.     Education begins when you finish school.
3.     Education requires learning, unlearning, and relearning.
4.     You must protect time and family.
5.     Faith protects your beliefs from doubt.
6.     Purpose is more important than ambition.
7.     Creativity is more important than knowledge.
8.     Freedom of speech means come correct.
9.     Value listening much more than speaking.
10.    Learn to tell your own story.
11.    Influence your circle, then expand it.
12.    Sometimes "let go"; sometimes "let know".
13.    Civil discourse between dissenters promotes growth.
14.    Sometimes the cause masks the agenda.
15.    Sometimes our causes mask our issues.
16.    You must get your money right.
17.    All money is not good money.
18.    Truth tellers often encounter great resistance.
19.    Real friends will hold you accountable.
20.    Count all the costs of victory.
21.    Winners first conquer conceit, then defeat.
22.    Everything we measure does not count.
23.    Everything that counts cannot be measured.
24.    Angry roots produce many bitter fruits.
25.    Healed roots produce much better fruits.
26.    Do not mistake activity for achievement.
27.    Simple approaches are easily replicated.
28.    Real power is work done efficiently.
29.    Success results when preparation meets opportunity.
30.    Opportunities are often disguised as work.
31.    Tradition begins and ends with change.

About Derrick Brown (KnowledgeBase's Principal Consultant)

I am Keisha's husband, and Hannah's father.

My *other* passion is empowering people via methods that balance skill & will, analysis & synthesis, ideas & execution, and activity & achievement.

I am the product of my mentoring relationships, peacemaking (and peacekeeping), and problem-solving ability.

I am a publisher, filmmaker, executive coach & registered mediator with engineering degrees from Clemson and Georgia Tech.

My education began when I finished school.

After school, I enrolled in a lifelong curriculum that includes the following classes ...

  • ministry (serving people)
  • entrepreneurship (developing solutions that serve people)
  • stewardship (taking care of relationships, possessions, talents, body, mind, and time) 
  • literacy (reading & writing skills)
  • numeracy (math skills)
  • language (communication skills)
  • self-expression (sharing "who you are")
  • self-identity (knowing "who you are")
  • analysis & synthesis (solving problems & sharing solutions)

KnowledgeBase is a ministry that has evolved from wisdom earned through lessons learned.

I want to share this wisdom to build teams of "triple threat" fellows - mentors, mediators, and problem solvers.

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