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Sunday, February 5, 2017

Dear Hannah: Converse

Dear Hannah,

our conversations
have dwindled into
shouting matches
and "people's court" cases

posts and reposts
of articles that
align with our minds
to which we assign

absolute truth
with no consequences

where we want to prove
that our might is right
your wrong is strong
and always have both our say
... and our way

but civil discourse
- especially between dissenters -
promotes growth

it helps both parties
see that they are

two points
diametrically opposed
on the same circle

and that preservation
of the circle

is more important
than our "points"

check it ...

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By Derrick Brown

I'm a speak my piece
but keep my peace
so how 'bout cease
with all that fleece


we ain't sheep
we're just asleep
I know ... talk is cheap
when it ain't deep

and ... you can't keep
thoughts straight
- they creep
your mind's weight

- is steep
mental freight
- you heap
into piles that date

back years - much too late
fight back the tears
can't fight your fate
conquer your fears

slow down, bruh
- it's killin' ya
slowly revealin' ya
pent up with feelin ya

voice ain't respected
always rejected
by newly elected
fools that protected

policies erected
by people infected
never inspected
system perfected

folks who objected
were then subjected
then also expected
to stand corrected

----- begin spoken "random pontificator" interruption ----

hold up, hold up
pardon the interruption
wait just one second, my eloquent
soul brother from another mother.

I feel you, but ... errr ... uhhh
you have offered us a strong historical
context, but have yet to posit a
concrete solution to our status quo.

in other words ...
what are we gon' do?

----- end spoken "random pontificator" interruption ----

para (stop)

siéntate (sit down)
let us weigh
let us pray

let us say
a new way
no double talk
no cliche'

let us stay
focused on "us"
and never "they"
that we may

make a new day
let us display
a greater sway
is that OK?

let's serve up
a new entree
new food for thought
on how we play

the "talking game"
let's meet halfway
show more respect
show less "checked"

let's converse
by considering
the converse
the diverse

the adverse
the reverse

keep it civil
don't shrivel
no drivel (hot air)
or snivel (whining)

let's graduate
to a level
where we revel
every angle
like a bevel

every minute, second
and degree
to understand
not just agree

that B.S.
can make you b.s.
that M.S.
can make ya "a mess"
that Ph.D.
makes u say
"get like me"

but maybe
you should say
"how come we
still ain't free?"

"come on now ...
for real, tho ...
how can this be?"

happened to

essential questions


future awaits

prepare yourself


CONVERSE is a difficult (moderated) conversation that takes place between two rational humans with differing perspectives.

its underlying principle is that civil discourse - especially between dissenters - promotes growth.

we will use this approach to explore topics like ...

how to exercise empathy with your opponent
when working towards common interests works - and doesn't
why people leave churches

we may produce no answers - but we will ask and answer essential questions.

... and we will LEarn.

we hope that you will come LEarn with us.




Copyright © 2017 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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