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Monday, February 27, 2017

Dear Hannah: LEarning - Why Harriet Tubman Chased Chickens

Dear Hannah,

When they can't see you, learn to take advantage of being "hidden" and underestimated.




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"LEarning (Why Harriet Tubman Chased Chickens - in 60 Seconds)"
By Derrick Brown

Harriet Tubman conducted 13 rescue missions on the Underground Railroad over a 10-year period.

Those long journeys to freedom resulted in lots of hungry people.

Tubman was a professional cook - which provided her mission's startup capital, and creativity under pressure.

She once stopped at a market to buy 2 chickens, and almost came face-to-face with a former overseer ...

... so she dropped one of the chickens and started to chase it.

The comedy allowed her to escape unnoticed - even though everyone could see her.

When they can't see you, learn to take advantage of being "hidden" and underestimated.

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