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Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dear Hannah: Quiet (But Not Silent)

Dear Hannah,

education begins when you *finish* school

'cause life gives you the test first
- then you get the lesson ...

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"Quiet (But Not Silent)"
By Derrick Brown

education begins when you *finish* school

'cause life gives you the test first
- then you get the lesson


try to see what's missin


focus your concern


act like you don't know


switch that status quo


make sure you don't blink


write it down in ink


most of all stay


make sure you do you

(who else are you gonna be?)

(stay in your lane)

[Chorus] can you hear me now? (twice)

won't let you pick me up
'cause you just might drop me

won't let you start me up
so you cannot stop me

the art of every deal
is bout who's at the table
don't have to be no big wheel
don't need no jumper cable

be willing to enable
no fairy tale nor fable
make sure you read the label
make sure them cats are stable

if not then walk away
if necessary run
do that deal another day
and keep your money, son

there'll be another one
as surely as the sun
sets when the day is done
rises when its begun

(all money ain't good money)

(i know that's right)

[Chorus] can you hear me now? (twice)

got a lot of work to complete
so i sometimes vote with my feet

when i hear that dang parakeet
or that dang groundhog day suite

horsepower's sometimes just heat
move forward - never retreat

winners must conquer conceit
before they conquer defeat

can't win? well you bet not cheat
can't drive? then take the backseat
can't jump? then you're no athlete
can't work? then you may not eat

got skills? then you can compete
ideas? then write nice and neat
solution's the greatest feat
when you get one - rinse and repeat

good questions - just like concrete
solid - never obsolete
useful even when petite
produce a nice balance sheet

(do not mistake activity for achievement)

[Chorus] can you hear me now? (twice)

they say you think too much
lemme help you stand corrected

i think you crossed a line
i think you disrespected

i think this is a sign
i think we not connected

i think the music's fine
i think you misdirected

i think you bout that c# (C-sharp)
i think i'm bout that d-flat

i think you bout that chit-chat
i think you bout that tit-tat
i think you bout that pitti-pat
i think you bout that format

i think you think your role
is all bout that control
not simply of my soul
but my entire whole

but you don't know the half
sentence or paragraph
wrote my own epitaph
"soldier - no man of chaff"

(that means "i ain't one to play with")

[Chorus] can you hear me now?


listen more than you talk
- and you gon' LEarn today



Copyright © 2017 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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