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Saturday, December 31, 2016

Dear Hannah: GRASPP (Battle Plan)

Dear Hannah,

Creating change requires a "real-time" battle plan that can GRASPP, evaluate, and adjust in the middle of a fight.

It also requires a leader who takes ownership of their gifts and time - because when you don't, someone else will.

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"GRASPP" (Battle Plan)
By Derrick Brown

eyes on the prize
my man

yes keep the
goal in sight

but check your
people too

make sure the
crew's alright

respect the time
and place

the circumstance
and pace

make sure you
give 'em space

to be a
human race

go 'head and
dot the i's

and then go
cross the t's

reveal the

with simple

but know that
even then

the unforeseen
can win

patience gets

maintain your
peace within

speak on the
things that matter

skip all the
idle chatter

ignore the

so that your
mind don't scatter

stay fully
focused, man

and then adjust
your plan

'cause you are
greater than

when you
believe you can

you will from
time to time

hate and spite

so keep it
light and tight

fight the
good fight

might ain't
always right

don't correlate
with height

never resolves
the plight

written in
black and white

'cause we are ...

no one's

act once
think twice


come from
knowing roles

not by controlling

but via

your gifts make
room 'cause few

can do it
like you do

but you're the
owner, boo

so this is
also true

anybody who
kinda sorta missed the cue

to give full
honor due

had better
get a clue

put 'em
in the queue

teach 'em how
to treat you

they mighta
thought they knew

right church
wrong pew

line view

new to-do

the players who

get you "to"
get you through

take your one
give back two

tell 'em more
than "thank you"

take the sole
off your shoe

see how
many steps accrue

build a shelf
with no glue

then await your

no lemon pepper
in the stew

takes away the
flavor - ooh!

I made my point ...
no more ado (commotion)



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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