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Monday, October 7, 2019

Dear Hannah: LEarning (Doing Too Much - Theme Song)

Dear Hannah,

Fail quietly and learn.

I know that losing is tiresome - but it sharpens your sword.

Keep your friends close, engaged, and aware of your actions.

Immerse yourself in a faithful, visionary, supportive, disciplined, hard-working culture ... you are going to need it!



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"LEarning (Doing Too Much) (Theme Song)"
By Derrick Brown

Don't let anyone who has not done what you are doing ... tell you that you are "doing too much".

Do all you can, keep learning, then be prepared to do even more.

You may lose a few battles, but you will win the war.

[Verse 1] Fail quietly and learn.

never let 'em see you sweat
'upset or fret ... better yet
low-key, baby _ don't forget
'time ... asset

waste it _ pay your debt
regroup - push that reset
'others have been beset
caught with no safety net

opportunity_understood threat
that met
of failure and regret
moved on got ready to bet

on "me" not no roulette
'second_chance_comes if you get
'leadership alphabet (character set)
_humility etiquette


They don't need to know how many times you tried ...
... humble down and try again

[Verse 2] Tired of losing competitions I enter ... but it sharpens the sword for another opportunity

started this thing wide-eyed
wrote drafts _ applied applied
"sorry - you've been denied"
_Lord, have mercy 'cause I tried

'"no way", I cried
_"no fair" I sighed, I sighed
losing - it hurt my pride
'gotta find the ... bright side

'tell ya what - complaints aside
dig deep deep down inside
'ideas become your guide
_pity_party_over time to ride

'mount up - regain your stride
believe, perform, abide
these forces are allied
'comeback ... certified


Accept rejection in all its forms as the test of your commitment ...
then push harder ...
... and harder ...
... and produce work that bears fruit.

[Verse 3] Keep your friends close, engaged, and aware

make sure that you decide
in whom you can confide
_dignified_bona fide__qualified

'once identified
'get that thing fortified
'then when conflicts collide
'get that thing rectified

'thoughts diversified
'yield counsel clarified
'difficulties simplified

'keep that seat occupied
'acceptance ... supplied
'accountability ... complied


keep your friends close, engaged, and aware

[Verse 4] immerse yourself in a faithful, visionary, supportive, disciplined, hard-working culture ... you are going to need it!

success will coincide
' actions ratified
' visions prophesied
' ideas_testified (proven)

_focus intensified
teammates notified
objectives satisfied
hard_work exemplified

'when_they_look_at_you cockeyed

failure override
conquer what you divide
'stated_not implied
let Him be glorified


immerse yourself in a faithful, visionary, supportive, disciplined, hard-working culture ... you are going to need it!

when it comes to making your dreams your destiny ... ain't no such thing as "doing too much"

About Derrick Brown (Standup Storyteller)

I am Keisha's husband, and Hannah's father.

I am a “standup storyteller.”

I fuse rap, spoken word (poetry), oration (traditional public speaking), singing, and teaching into messages of hope, healing, and change that I write, direct, and produce to help people who help people.

Everything must change - and stay changED.

Tradition begins and ends with change.

Change begins with me and the renewing of my mind ... then continues through efforts to effect small-group discipleship (equipping others to equip others) with audiences that respect and embrace mentoring, mediation, and problem solving as tools of change.

I am the product of my mentoring relationships, peacemaking (and peacekeeping), and problem-solving ability.

My education began when I finished school.

After school, I enrolled in a lifelong curriculum that includes classes in ministry, entrepreneurship, stewardship, literacy, numeracy, language, self-identity, self-expression, and analysis / synthesis.

My projects execute a ministry that has evolved from wisdom earned through lessons learned.

I want to share this wisdom to build teams of "triple threat" fellows - mentors, mediators, and problem solvers.

We will collaborate in simple, powerful ways that allow us to help people who help people.

I now know that power is work done efficiently (with wise and skillful use of resources, interests, communication, and expertise).

Copyright © 2019 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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