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Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Dear Hannah: LEarning (Standup Storytelling)

 By Derrick Brown (follow on Twitter @dbrowndbrown)


Dear Hannah,

Life is a story.

A story is your account of events.

A relationship with God makes your story better.

So does an imagination.

Both help you to "see" who you are - and who you can be.



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Standup Storytelling
Derrick Reads!

Keisha Reads!

The Browns - Daddy, Mommy, Hannah, Otis, Bunny

Storybox Elements

Standup Storytelling uses “story time” (primarily for student audiences of ages 4-10) to build relationships via acceptance, affirmation, accountability, and empathy.

It builds literacy, numeracy, language, and critical thinking skills via imagination and creative problem solving using a recurring set of characters, themes and combinable techniques like …

a.    StoryBox / StoryBag (stories created “on the fly” using prompts from small objects (like numeric / letter / picture dice, or board game pieces) selected from a box / bag)

b.    Fill-In-The-Blank (tell stories that encourage audience participation by providing “blanks” that they “fill in” ... use the “blanks” to let them decide what happens next!)

c.     Rhyme-In-Time (a special version of Fill-In-The-Blank where each “blank” is filled with a alliterative word beginning with the “letter of the day”, or with a word that rhymes with a recent story word)

d.    Affirmations (stories that offer personal encouragement to the audience)

e.    On This Day (re-enactment of the current / previous day using the characters Super Hannah & Shaka, and / or Mr. Bunny)

f.     Slide Show (stories - based on current and recent events (like field trips) – powered by cellphone photos)

g.    The Adventures of SuperHannah (SuperHannah – assisted by her trusted sidekick Shaka - uses her “special powers” of mentoring, mediation, creative problem solving and empathy to redirect “villains” to become positive contributors to society)

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