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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Hannah: The Matrix

Dear Hannah,

Segments of our society are marginalized because of their knowledge.

They see and say an uncomfortable truth about how we sometimes get in our own way.

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"The Matrix"
By Derrick Brown
November 17, 2016

those who tell don't know
those who know don't tell

miss me, bro
with that, yo

everything is well

lights, camera, action
addition by subtraction

if they know
let em go

label them a faction

treat em like a fraction
give 'em no traction

okey doke
whinny folk

major distraction

from visions we hail
skip all that detail

point of view
work unto

yep - without fail

'cause an enemy
is a remedy

heroes come
save the day

and our destiny

yep - and still we rise
eyes are on the prize

we will win
triumph then

y'all gon realize

we the first kind
legend in our mind

yes indeed
we decreed

we have been assigned

we on that no doze
5-hour energy

too legit
never quit

we're building synergy

like-minded crew
no one but me and you

if you're in
come on then

and begin anew

dropped all that dead weight
we pushing major freight

same story
different day

that's alright - we straight

it goes on and on
y'all won't ever learn

pied piper
barney fife

y'all have no concern

and you have no power
but doin' all the work

while them truth
tellin' fools

bout to go beserk

they can't see me though
been through it all before

then just wait

they'll be out the door



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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