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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Hannah: Old School

Dear Hannah,

"Culture" and "tradition" are often misnomers for "this is how we do it, and it ain't changing."

Everything must change, though - and STAY changed.

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"Old School"
By Derrick Brown
November 16, 2016

said we need a change
time for somethin 'new

night of prayer
fresh air

now we ready

print the billboards
know what they should say?

"much ado,
bid adieu

to the old
school way"

comin in strong
and leavin no doubt

now it's on
word is bond

what you talm bout?

man we need a crew
couple or a few

seldom heard
never seen

pepper in the stew

get that flavor right
get that game tight

then ignore
every chore

act like it's alright

never own the sleight
be a mighty mite

till they dip
then we'll trip

bury them in spite

kinda wrote a check
that we couldn't cash

upside down
smiley frown

yo - we bout to crash

what about that stash?
need 'em in a flash

recruit anew
say we grew

always keep a cache

burning energy
but the lights still on

hangin in

till the break of dawn

it goes on and on
got to keep busy

same trail
off rail

that poor dog is dizzy

tryin to catch his tail
he'll succeed and fail

right church
wrong pew

might be time to bail

find a better hustle
find some better muscle

punch drunk
no punk

prepared to tussle

but the battle yo
is with my pride tho


tickets to this show

time to fall back
time to rethink

next round
will we sing?

or just lip sync?



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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