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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Dear Hannah: Power

Dear Hannah,

Power is the ability to work efficiently - that is, via wise and skillful use of resources, interests, communication, and expertise.

In our world, power is confused with authority.

Those in authority have the *right* to exercise power, and the *responsibility* to exercise it on behalf of people.

When power is instead exercised *against* people, it will be taken away.

When power is exercised *on behalf of* people, it will be multiplied.

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By Derrick Brown
November 15, 2016

and change

the exchange
sounds kinda strange

but status quo
wasn't always so

something had to come
something had to grow

someone had to know
how to make it so

how to aim high
how to lay em low

how to handle foe
how to take a blow

how to stow & go
how to stitch & sew

how to cut & mow
how to swim & row

how to handle woe
how to handle "doh"!

how to handle dough
how to never owe

how to do it slow
... be thorough

how to ebb & flow
how to give a show

how to tell 'em "whoa"
how to tell 'em "no"

how to tell 'em "yo"
tell 'em like a pro

how to shovel snow
how to eat crow

real long time ago
... got the memo

that I don't know
... and was solo

couldn't say "hello"
... and would tiptoe

... and would no-show
... and would borrow

gifts all in escrow
... effort hollow

... average below
quick to veto

changed up my tempo
my m.o.

my workflow
learned to bestow

ordered up a combo
... of my cargo

gifts - presto!
greasy elbow

knowledge primo
verbal ammo

... verbal judo
memory photo

think macro
... think micro

reading rainbow
silver shadow

got up on tableau
was like "uh-oh"

map the metro
city borough

got a new gizmo
and it's good, bo!

robbie crusoe
mission juno

got me a trio
no joe schmoe

no clouseau
no mo uno

no mo friendly foe
bye, bozo

jokers had to go
like soul glo

got a new stylo
and some gusto

and some cashflow
not the lotto

soothe like aloe
nice jazz flow

smooth audio
on the radio

spit like a griot
right ratio

Garry Trudeau
good promo

write like Cicero
no politico

humble ego
no plateau

move like a maestro
or a backhoe

not finished, though
with the bio



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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