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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Dear Hannah: Fight The Good Fight (Anger Is A Leadership Trait)

Dear Hannah,

Anger is a leadership trait that can motivate strategic action & resolution if I do not become "too" angry (so angry that I cannot pray, think, learn, grow, and "go").

Why am I angry?

  1. I have rigid, exacting standards.
  2. My standard is not "the" standard.
  3. Equality requires both opportunity and circumstance.
  4. People are combinations of essence *and* function.
  5. People are equal in essence, but different in function.
  6. Mismanagement (and inequality) results when people are treated like functions.
  7. I dislike "people" and "project" mismanagement. I also dislike inequality.
  8. "People" and "Project" mismanagement /  inequality are synonymous.
  9. "People" and "Project" mismanagement /  inequality in a racial reconciliation ministry is painful.

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Epilogue (December 22, 2016)

  1. I have helped "build" 6 organizations in my lifetime. The ones that have survived the longest are the ones whose culture I helped to create, control, and maintain.
  2. Oversimplification / Exaggeration (underestimating and demonizing "details" - and the people who respect them) exacerbates and exonerates "people" and "project" mismanagement / inequality. 
  3. I dislike "people" and "project" mismanagement. I also dislike inequality.
  4. "People" and "Project" mismanagement /  inequality are synonymous.
  5. I experience "People" and "Project" mismanagement /  inequality from almost everyone in the orgs I have helped to build.
  6. Perhaps people are not cognizant of mismanagement / inequality (and are subsequently less likely to fight against it) because they also emulate the same culture that oppresses them.

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Epilogue 2 (January 14, 2017)
  1. Civil discourse between dissenters promotes growth.
  2. Discern collaborators from customers (from "hustlers" and "musclers").

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