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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Dear Hannah: Sing A Song (Rhyme-In-Time Demo)

Dear Hannah,

You can make a whole new song - that speaks to our present-day plight - out of song & movie titles from albums & CDs that you have "sitting in the crates".

Let's give it a try ...

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"Sing A Song" (Rhyme-In-Time Demo)
By Derrick Brown

12 years a slave
but now I'm free

gotta believe in
the mystery

'cause history
will teach us nothin'

'cause y'all always
wanna be startin' somethin'

c - i'm not fooled
so easily

but uhh ... err uhhh ...

don't believe the hype
they still foolin' us

here i go again
retoolin' us

this masquerade
is rulin' us

that same old song
is schoolin' us

better shop around
for a new deal

higher ground
can-i-get-a refill?

be still
my beating heart


i can't go for that
no can do

can't stand the rain
joy and pain

do it again

don't know much
but i know that ...

ain't nobody
come together

fight the power
for the longest time

don't stop believin'
give me the reason

fly like an eagle
against the wind

change the world
and never stop

respect yourself
keep risin' to the top

when the world
is running down,

you make the best
of what's still around

'cause we are spirits
in the material world

and spirit boy
don't need material girl

message in a
bottle yea

you are not alone
at being alone

get up, stand up
do the right thing

no waiting

hangin' on a string

wrapped around your finger

if i ruled the world
i can only imagine

one nation under a groove

with a mothership connection
knee deep

in chocolate city revolution

on and on
from my window seat

flying high in the
friendly skies

it's gonna take a miracle
but faithfully

I heard it
through the grapevine

that we don't need
another hero

in the midnight hour

for the love of money
got us goin' in circles

got to give it up, y'all

when a stubborn
kind of fella

realizes that he's
a trouble man

a change is gonna come

have you ever
seen the rain?

well here comes
the rain again

purple rain

i'll be doggone
ain't that peculiar

history will teach (us nothing)

... but mistakes will

oops - i did it again

oops upside ya head

what a fool believes

is that pigs fly
when doves cry

and that smooth operators
don't know much

... and don't need to

you don't know my name

or the other side of the game

but lessons learned

break every chain

chain of fools ...



Copyright © 2016 Derrick  Brown. All Rights Reserved.

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